Where To Buy A Kindle At 15% Or More Cheaper Than Anywhere Else in Australia

Kindle wireless reading device wifi 6-inch displayGot some very good news for you! Since Amazon began shipping the new Kindle Touch e-book reader to Australia, Australians have had the privilege of buying quality original Kindles cheaper than from any other retailer in Australia. Australians are turning to the Kindle e-book reader by the thousands. E-books are fast replacing the hard-copy book and this is evident in the closure of many retail bookstores such as Borders and Angus & Robertson around Australia. The reasons for their popularity are that e-books are cheap (from $9.99 on popular titles) and with a Kindle, you can take with you thousands of books without lugging a book-shelf around.

So, you might be wondering how or where to buy a Kindle in Australia (including the exciting new Kindle Fire) at the cheapest prices? Did you know that if you buy the original Kindle at local Australian retail outlets (especially the big name retailers), you would be paying at least 15% more? High storage costs is one reason for this. Fact #1, the larger Aussie retailers are offering the new Kindle Touch for $185. If you buy direct from Amazon by clicking on the link below, you can get the Kindle Touch for US$139 (and cheaper still after conversion to the strong Aussie Dollar)!

Other Australian online stores that store their stock locally (high costs) also package excessive accessories with your purchase to hide the fact that you are still paying more for your Kindle than if you were to buy direct from overseas. And that is just on the listed price! Another reason for buying your Kindle overseas is to take advantage of the high Australian dollar. Fact #2, if the Aussie Dollar was worth US$1.10 (like it has been for the past few months), it will be like getting a further 10% off your Kindles in Aussie dollar terms! Now that’s something to get excited about!

So how do you get a good value original Kindle at the guaranteed cheapest price? All you have to do is go to the Kindle page here and add it to your shopping cart (if you are interested in the Kindle Fire, click on our Kindle Fire page to find out how to get one). You can pay with your Australian credit card and have it sent Fast to your Australian address.

There is a small, limited amount of the Kindle available right now and they are flying off the shelves. In one month alone last Christmas, 5 million Kindles were sold.  If you are thinking of buying one, you’d better hurry up before they run out of stock or you will have to wait several weeks for them to be available again.

Some important things to consider:

- The Kindle uses e-ink screen technology. This simulates a printed paper without the glare of the screen, thus giving you hours of reading pleasure. Other tablets such as iPads are backlit and their screens are reflective. Over a short time tablets like iPads give you tired eyes, use more battery power (Kindle battery lasts up to a month without recharge) and run hot a lot faster (Kindle does not run hot).

- There are benefits to buying the Kindle direct from Amazon. You pay no Australian taxes; there is no Australian retailer overhead costs (no middle man, hence lower sticker prices); you are covered by Amazon’s worldwide warranty; you have access to quality used Kindles and you have access to the world’s cheapest library of ebooks (from $9.99 on popular titles – and some are free!).

- You can only buy your Australian Kindle at the international Amazon store.  On the Kindle product page, select Australia when it asks whether you live outside the US.

- You don’t need a local SIM card with the 3G version of the Kindle. It roams globally with its in-built AT&T SIM and this would not cost you anything. The Australian Kindle 3G coverage map is here. The 3G version of the Kindle is best suited if you intend to buy e-books whilst travelling.

- The Kindle is a delicate gadget. We strongly suggest you add a cover when placing your order. You will be presented with several options before checkout, and the Kindle leather cover is the most popular one.

- The new Kindle Fire is not yet available in Australia. But we will tell you how to get one (or a few). Click on our Kindle Fire page to find out how.

- Australians are loving their Kindles. Check out some of the feedback!

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There are limited stocks on the Kindle. Click Here To Get Your Kindle.

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